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Agriculture is the soul of masses around the world. While a significant progress has been made in other fronts, the livelihood of rural population, particularly in the developing world, is in jeopardy due to decreasing land holdings generation after generation. The concept of agritourism is to bridge the rural and urban divide. Agritourism is a great opportunity for people from large cities and metropolitan area to learn and understand rural lifestyle, culture and traditions. The efforts may also supplement livelihood of villages and have the money flowing in rural communities. Agritourism is a major tool to support sustainability of rural communities.

Busy lifestyle in large metros has made the life of people so miserable and they are seeking peace in more relaxed environment. Schools and higher education institutions were always exploring opportunities beyond curriculum in terms of village or farm educational field trips. Rural communities have opportunity to capitalize on this revenue stream and also offer people their adorable hospitality.

Efforts are underway by public and private stakeholders and the sector will take shape into a niche tourism industry. The investments are relatively small but it bolster rural livelihood while keeping the urban and rural communities connected and let new generations learn about life and contribution of rural communities.

rural community

The AgriTourism concept has attracted interest of tourism industry stakeholders. Agritourism has potential to attract public and private investments. The noticeable activities are festivals and fates at village level, promoting sale of fresh vegetables, fruits and other farm produce; showcasing obsolete games, Rodeo, Chuckwagon race, bullock cart ride etc.; traditional music at choupaal. Developing picnic and camping grounds with basic facilities like water, electricity and public conveniences; and creating safe environment for camping. Including the concept in school curriculum and making the activities part of school activities. While public authority take responsibility of generating awareness about ecological surroundings and conserving existing biodiversity resources, private players may assist in organization an alliance of travel operators, hospitality industry including railways and airlines to take it to international level.