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About British Columbia

British Columbia province is located in West coast of Canada, adjacent to spectacular Pacific coast to the west and by the U.S.A.'s Alaska in the northwest along with bordering by the Yukon and Northwest Territories, Alberta to the east, and by Washington, Idaho, and Montana states to the south.

British Columbia offers exciting outdoor adventures like river rafting, skiing, kayaking, Whale watching throughout the year.

Farm and ranch vacations alongwith wine tours of Okanagan valley further adds the great variety to the basket. Over 200 wineries in the province and more than 60 variety of wines produced, makes the region so unique to wine connausiers around the world.

EcoTracks offers guided tours of the destinations twice in the summer and our two-week long tours include Kelowna, Okanagan Valley wineries, fruit orchards, Overnight stay on boat at Sushwap, City tour of Vancouver and Victoria; Whistler adventures and much more. Please call us or visit 'Upcoming Tours' for further information.