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About Canadian North

Nunavut, Yukon & NWT

Nunavut, Yukon and North-West Territories are located in northern Canada. The North-West territory (NWT) is centrally located to Yukon to the west and Nunavut to the east. Canadian north has several beautiful places like Great Bear Lake, the largest lake within Canada, Keller Lake, and Great Slave Lake, as well as the Mackenzie River and the canyons of the Nahanni National Park Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nunavut is an Arctic tundra but the Northwest Territories observe a slightly warmer climate. The Yukon features high mountains, boreal forests, widespread tundra, turbulent rivers, beautiful glaciers and amazing Arctic coastline. The northern lights and the midnight sun are unique things to observe in the Canadian north.

The place offers great opportunities to pursue outdoor adventures, besides several cultural events and festivals. Yukon's heritage main attraction is first peoples' cultures along with the World Heritage Sites and the wilderness of beautiful northern territory.

EcoTracks' tour offers scenic drive through the Yukon's wilderness and features side hikes on mountainous trails along the way, and rivers; scenic and panoramic drive. It's a life time experience for people exploring hundreds of heritage sites spread throughout the Yukon.

The Circle tour of North-West offers a spectacular scenic drive from Whitehorse through Yukon small towns and alpine passes to the amazing coast of Alaska. Stopovers at lovely campgrounds, side trips to explore mountain trails, horseback riding or white-water rafting in Rivers are other attractive tags attached to our packages.