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EcoTourism is the soul of EcoTracks Adventures Inc. and we strongly enbrace travel to natural and conserved places on the planet. EcoTourism not only gives us a strong sense of a responsible citizenship of Earth but also educates about key influences on environment and an insight on equilibrium with human and other species. Ecotourism is all about keeping a balance and harmony between human, plant, animals and the natural resources minimizing the impact of human interference with the nature by increasing awareness about environmental and cultural wealth. Our initiative also bolsters the relationship buildiing with the local communities and provides some financial benefits to them. The overall benefits to minimize climate change are enormous.


Canada is uniquely positioned on the northern hemisphere and holds vast natural resources and wildlife, which offers one of finest ecotourism opportunities. Canadian Ecotourism includes aboriginal arts and cultures besides beautiful mountains, lakes and glaciers. Winter sports and natural landscapes attracts visitors from around the world. Canada is also home to several cultural events throughout the year. Our business is strategically located in the 'heart of new West' and just within hours from Glacial mountains, Banff and Jasper National parks. City of Calgary also hosts 'Calgary Stampede' annually in the summer and international tourists combine this unique opportunity with their ecotour to Canada.

Our India tour features most diverse sightseeing and topography encompassing the Himalayas, glimpses of world's top mountain peaks, to the peninsula of South, from the deserts of the West to the deltas of the East.