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Unique life-time travel opportunity with EcoTracks.

Perfectly balanced tours...with nature, culture, history and people.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

1. How do I register for Tour ?

Ans. You can register the tour online, on phone or by sending us an email. We will ask for a deposit, which you can pay by cheque or credit card.

2. How do i book a group eco/agricultural tour ?

Ans.You can book a group travel anytime of the year provided there are at least six people. We can easily accommodate up to 20 people in a group. Group tour for even larger number of people may be accommodated, but not guaranteed.

3. Why is EcoTracks Adventures' tour price higher than other major tour operators/ competitors?

Ans.Our tours are specially designed for smaller groups and are fully escorted by a professional tour director. Majority of our tours comes with all inclusive cost. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN CHARGES!! It is a total peace of mind and you know that you do not have to pay additional penny other than your own shopping or tips. Our international tours include all local travel, transfers, stay, meals, bottled water, admission and tips for meals etc. We also offer a courtesy mobile phone and souvenir to our travelers!! Our dedicated, caring staff maintains high standards during the travel.

4. Do you tour include international airfare ?

Ans.Our tour cost does not include international airfare. We will give you an option to buy air ticket through us.

5. What is a Local Payment ?

Ans.We accept payment in Canadian or US dollars.

6. How many people can join a tour ?

Ans.We can accommodate as many as 45 people in our local tours but our international tours are often limited to 10 people. Upon special request, we can accommodate up to 20 people in an international tour, usually a special interest group like school or single travelers.

7. Who are my travelling companions ?

Ans.We try our best to keep the travelers with similar interest and same age group. Often people come with their friends or make new friends!!

8. What are the age restrictions on your tour ?

Ans.There is no age restriction as such, but travelers must be physically fit to travel. Our international tours require good physical fitness as we cover many destinations within short time taking variable modes of transportation.

9. I'm a single traveler; will I be charged a single supplement ?

Ans.Yes, we will charge you single supplement, unless you can find a partner within the group and opt for twin-share stay.

10. Can i book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my tour ?

Ans.Usually it is not possible in between the travel, but you can opt for extended stay at before beginning or after end of the tour. We can also arrange a satellite trip to other destination(s) for you on additional cost, if required.

11. Can you provide me with a list of the hotels we will be staying at ?

Ans.It is hard to provide lists of hotels for a specific tour, but we always look for 3 or 4-star hotels. We also stay 1-2 nights in 5-star hotel, depending on the availability and prices. We share the information on hotels and modes of transportation in our travel presentations or pre-departure briefings. We also shop for the best within our budget and often get the best deals, if we book the stay well in advance.

12. Can i join a tour late or leave it early ?

Ans.This is an option for you, if few days are clashing with your other committment.

13. Are airport transfers included ?

Ans.Yes, airport transfers are always included in our tour cost!!

14. What type of ground transportation is used on your tours ?

Ans.We use air-conditioned luxury cars in Canada and in international travel destination. We also use the best class available in trains as disclosed in the tour package.

15. What is the most appropriate type of luggage on your tours ?

Ans.The ideal luggage is a backpack under 20 kg of 44 lbs as majority of international and domestic airlines has reduced the amount of luggage to this limit. You pay for additional luggage out of pocket. We also expect to know, if you required to carry more than the above limit.

16. What clothing shold i pack for one of your adventures ?

Ans.We highly encourage comfortable and protective clothing as we often expose to bright sun, hot, windy or cold weather including insects, especially mosquitoes. Please discuss with the Tour Director about the list of things and protective gear required for adventure travel.

17. Can you help arrange my travel Visas ?

Ans.Yes, we assist with visa application, but we cannot guarantee the same. You are required to have a passport with at least 6-month validity from your travel date. You are responsible for visa fee or cost associated with any travel document required.

18. What vaccination are recommended for international/ adventure travel ?

Ans.We recommend that you contact international travel center in your locality. We provide information regarding vaccination at our travel presentation.

19. Is tipping included and if not, how much should i budget ?

Ans.The tips for meals are included, but other tips like for local driver not included. The tips are usually about 10% of the service charges, but it is totally at your discretion. Our typical estimate for tips would be about $100 per person for 3-week international tour.

20. How far in advance should I book my holiday ?

Ans.We strongly recommend that plan your trip one year in advance, but you can book a trip up to 3 months before departure. Coming closer to tour date does not guarantee Visa, stay at the same location or train/flight booking.

21. We don't want to travel in a group. Can you offer a private tour to us ?

Ans.Yes, we offer custom tour to individuals or small group with very private itinerary. Please contact us with your travel interests and we will recommend you the best that interest to you. We are unable to offer a tour director for less than 6 people in a group.

22. Is your business really reliable? What is the profile of your business?

Ans.Yes, we consider ourselves the most reliable and we live up to our commitments. We also keep a reserve local tour guide, if something happens to our tour director. Also all our tours include a trip cancellation insurance, which is also a piece of mind for you in case of a reason beyond our control e.g. a natural calamity, severely bad weather, or terrorism. We will do all due diligence to assure that our tour depart as scheduled and runs smooth and safe. EcoTracks is a small business and we believe in offering our best and create our identity in the industry. We also encourage you to talk to previous participants and listen to their travel experiences with us!! Please also see the testimonials on our website. We do provide references upon request.

23. Is the information I give on the net safe ?

Ans.We do not ask for personal or credit card information online, but we protect the privacy of information as mentioned in our Privacy Policy. We do not share your personal information outside our business and also strive to protect it.

24. How do we settle the payment? Do you require an advance deposit ?

Ans.An advance deposit is required at the time of booking the tour. Full payment is due by the deadline mentioned in the tour brochure or as mentioned on the website. We generally require full payment at least 4 months in advance for international tours. This ensures hassle-free booking and lots of shopping opportunity for us to give you the best.