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Unique life-time travel opportunity with EcoTracks.

Perfectly balanced tours...with nature, culture, history and people.


EcoTracks Adventures offers flexible and suitable tour programs for schools and special interests group at economical cost. We have qualified and trained staff and volunteer to assist with tour operation. EcoTracks has stringent safety and risk management policy that all employees abide by. Our staff also assist school staff in mitigating risks by taking reasonable steps to ensure educational or special tour runs in safe and secure manner. We fully cooperate with school/ organization staff in ensuring that there is no undue risk of injury.

A dedicated tour director/guide is available 24 hours with the group for the entire tour. We use safe transportation provided by qualified and reputable transport providers during the tour and is appropriate, safe and well maintained and meet safety & insurance regulations. EcoTracks only uses established commercial airlines for tours.

We also ensure clean accommodations provided by reputable hotels in suitable meeting health and safety standards or the local jurisdictions. We also hire qualified and licensed local tour guides as required. Consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs or prohibited substances is strictly prohibited to tour operator staff or sub contractors during tour.

We have emergency response and communication plan in place. We also reserve the right to cancel any trip when our assessment implies that the tour cannot be completed in a safe manner. For details please review our safety and risk management policy.