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Agricultural Tours

International agricultural tour to India, China and Brazil. We leverage our existing network in international agriculture and organize agricultural tour to India and intend to expand to Brazil and China in near future. Our agricultural tour to India covers several local farms, spice and tea plantation, markets, processing facility including several other events.

Heritage farms and ranches tour

There are several more than hundred years old farms started as homestead and exhibit heritage and development of farming in Canada. Many Prairie farms and ranches offer countryside vacation and are registered as bread and breakfast. Several farms offers work vacation, U-pick, horse-back escorted exploration, visits to farm and gardens etc.

Agriculture industry tours

Industrial tours are often jointly organized by producers associations and agri-businesses to showcase the progress in the industry.


The industry observes several events as festivals & fairs, conferences/ tradeshows, horse and livestock shows etc. The year around events attracts rural and urban communities.


There are plenty of opportunities to travel to mountains, river, lakes, ecological spots of interest in and around Calgary and throughout Alberta.