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Unique life-time travel opportunity with EcoTracks.

Perfectly balanced tours...with nature, culture, history and people.

Wild Life

EcoTracks offers unique opportunity to see wildlife habitats embeded in the tours. Canada is home to approximately 70,000 known species of plants and animals. The human interference has been identified as a major cause to threat to more than 400 species those been classified as endangered, which includes plants, animals and migratory birds (Environment Canada). Our ecotours provide great opportunity to come out of busy life in cities and gain understanding about natural habitats.

Our tours to India, one of the top mega-biodiverse countries, offers trip to nature hotspots like himalayas and western ghats. Tigers and elephants are great attraction and our tour to India includes stop over at a National Tiger Reserve (Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh or Kanha National Park). Now several wildlife conservation projects and national parks are part of international wildlife conservation including WWF.